Our Policies

Hotel Casa Primavera Policies

Offer an excellent service to exceed the expectations of our customers

Be the best Boutique Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, generating well-being and development in employees, optimal profits for investors and retribution to society

Commitment: Responsibility
Respect: Special consideration, recognizing the value of each one.
Service: Set of activities to respond to the needs of a client.
Teamwork: Each collaborator does his part, guided by a common goal.
Punctuality: Chronological coordination to fulfill a task or satisfy an obligation.
Honesty: Act according to our thinking and feeling, valuing integrity and the correct rules of the environment.
Tolerance: Respect for different ideas, beliefs or practices, or contrary to their own.

Our quality policy is manifested through our firm commitment to customers to fully meet their requirements and expectations, for this we guarantee a culture of quality based on the principles of honesty, leadership and human resource development, solidarity, commitment to improvement and security in our operations.

Hotel Casa Primavera is a Boutique Hotel, where pleasant experiences are offered to the client, guiving a personalized service and attention in an architectural environment that evokes the old houses of San Miguel de Allende

We constantly seek the full satisfaction of our customers by offering a comfortable, safe and pleasant environment, always worrying about providing an excellent service.
Our collaborators, constitute the fundamental element for the success of our organization, for that reason, we are convinced of our responsibility to support them as individuals in their development and integral well-being.
Our suppliers represent a substantial resource for the operation of our business, therefore, we fulfill our commitments and subsequent negotiations, always looking for a mutual relationship of benefit and respect.
We care about the wellbeing of the population by being present with local communities and associations in environmental, educational and health programs, confident that our actions will transcend the next generations.
Our cutting-edge technology, knowledge of marketing, qualified people, business aggressiveness, growth projections and optimal financial strategies allow us to create added value, thus achieving high profitability and constant growth of our operation.
We are Mexicans committed to our country, which we support insistently in its economic and social growth and development.